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ChemieOrgaic is an equal opportunity employer and provides a congenial and professional work environment for all its employees, with great emphasis on teamwork.We stimulate innovation, encourage calculated risk taking and accept mistakes as a part of the learning process. We encourage ‘experiential’ learning, and believe in clear delegation of authority and acceptance of personal accountability. We value the involvement of our colleagues in bringing the best to our organisation in a spirit of understanding, trust and appreciation of cultural differences. We are open to discussing alternative views and build on constructive feedback.

ChemieOrganic Chemicals Organisation Chart
Managing DirectorGeneral Manager ,WorksGeneral Manager ,CommercialQuality Control and R&D Manager
Jayant ShahS.J.PatelVipul KhagramS.Shankar
(London School Of Economics)
(Chemical Engineer with more than 24 years of technical experience)
Environmental Engineer (Georgia Institute of Technology,Atlanta)
Mayank Shah