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2 : 5 Di Chloro Nitro Benzene Vital Information – 2 : 5 Dichloronitrobenzene MSD 

Formula (MOL) C6H3CI2NO2
Molecular Weight  192
Appearance Pale Yellow Colour Flakes/Liquid
Assay by G.C. 99.60% Minimum
PDCB content 0.2% maximum
MCB 0.05% maximum
3,4 DCNB 0.40% maximum
Set point 52.5 oC
Moisture 1000 ppm Maximum
End use Industry Speciality Chemicals, Dyestuff & Dyestuff Intermediates, Pigment Intermediates
Despatch mode In HDPE bags in truck or on wooden pallets stuffed in Containers.
CAS # 89-61-2
UN NO 3077

Besides 2:5 Di Chloro Nitro Benzene ChemieOrganic Chemicals provides various other benzene based intermediates including 2,4 DI NITRO CHLORO BENZENE (MOLTEN), 2 : 4 DI Nitro Chloro Benzene (FLAKES) , 3 : 4 DI Chloro Nitro Benzene (3.4 DCNB) & Dilute Sulphuric Acid , Nitro Benzene , Meta Nitro Chloro Benzene ChemieOrganic Chemicals is a leading supplier & exporter of these benzene based intermediates  in India.

We also provide various other products including Chlorination Products, Hydrogenation Products & Calcium Chloride. Chemieorganic Chemicals (I) Pvt. ltd is the one of the Largest and oldest manufacturers of Chlorobenzenes, Chloroanilines and dinitrochlorobenzenes.

2:5 DI Chloro Nitro Benzene

2:5 DI Chloro Nitro Benzene