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Ortho Nitro Chloro Benzene Vital Information –  MSD 

Product Identification
Product NameCommercial Trade Names

C.A.S.  Registration Number

Ortho Nitro Chloro Benzene(ONCB)o-Nitro Chloro Benzene, 2-Nitrochlorobenzene88-73-3C6H4ClNO2


Sales Specification
Appearance Slight Yellow liquid @ 40°C
Boiling Point 174.12°C, Sublimes at ordinary temperature
Set Point 31.5°C
Purity (By GLC) ONCB: 99.7% min to 99.97% max
Other Impurities PNCB: 0.3% max
MNCB: 0.05% max
Di-Nitro Compounds: NilOthers: Nil
Density d420 1.520 g/cm3
Moisture 0.05% max
Packaging/ Dispatch ISO ContainersBulk Tanker Loads250 Kg MS Epoxy coated Drums
Physical and Chemical Properties
Specific Gravity ( at 25°C) d420 1.305 g/cm3
Acidity NIL
Application Dyes & Dyestuff Intermediates, Pigment & Pharmaceuticals Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals . Agrochemical IntermediatesUsed as an intermediate for organic synthesis; o-nitrophenol, 2-chloroaniline, o-amino-phenol, o-phenetidines, azo dyes, pesticides (such as carbofuran) and rubber chemical

Besides Ortho Nitro Chloro Benzene ChemieOrganic Chemicals provides various other benzene based intermediates including 2,4 DI NITRO CHLORO BENZENE (MOLTEN), 2 : 4 DI Nitro Chloro Benzene (FLAKES) , 3 : 4 DI Chloro Nitro Benzene (3.4 DCNB) & Dilute Sulphuric Acid , Nitro Benzene , Meta Nitro Chloro Benzene ChemieOrganic Chemicals is a leading supplier & exporter of these benzene based intermediates  in India.

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Ortho Nitro Chloro Benzene