Leading Nitro Benzene Manufacturer & Supplier in India – ChemieOrganic Chemicals provides variety of benzene based intermediates

NitroBenzene Vital Information – Nitrobenzene MSD 

Nitrobenzene Purity 99.8% by wt. min.
DI – Nitrobenzene 0.1% by wt. max.
Benzene 0.1% by wt. max.
MW 123.11
BP 210 to 211 oC
Physical Appearance Light Yellow Colour Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.2 at 27 oC
Moisture 212 oC
Distillation Range 95% between 209-2120 C at 760 mm Hg
Packing Loose in Tanker Load (MS) Also available in MS/ HDPE Drums

Besides Nitro Benzene ChemieOrganic Chemicals provides various other benzene based intermediates including 2,4 DI NITRO CHLORO BENZENE (MOLTEN), 2 : 5 DI Chloro Nitro Benzene , 3 : 4 DI Chloro Nitro Benzene (3.4 DCNB) & Dilute Sulphuric Acid , 2 : 4 DI Nitro Chloro Benzene (FLAKES) , Meta Nitro Chloro Benzene . ChemieOrganic Chemicals is a leading supplier & exporter of these benzene based intermediates  in India.

We also provide various other products including Chlorination Products, Hydrogenation Products & Calcium Chloride. Chemieorganic Chemicals (I) Pvt. ltd is the one of the Largest and oldest manufacturers of Chlorobenzenes, Chloroanilines and dinitrochlorobenzenes.

Nitro Benzene

Nitro Benzene