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Enhance stakeholder value while adhering to the code of responsible care and ethical values
The purpose of all human activity is to make life better. Chemieorganic chemicals (I) Pvt. Ltd believes in improving life through innovative science
Be a role model enterprise, respected globally for excellence in quality and innovationThrough innovations, we constantly endeavor to create better products and processes that bring greater value to society
Be an employer of choice and preferred business partner, worldwide
IntegrityDecisivenessTeam SpiritCommitment
We are open, ethical, transparent and uncompromising in our workSet a goal, analyze the facts, work on alternatives and conclude them in fixed time frameWe encourage group interaction and team effort. Our collective drive helps us achieve the desired goal.We keep all promises made within and outside the company

CaringExcellenceInnovationCustomer Orientation
We are concerned for our environment, society and employees and work for their bettermentWe are a role model and benchmark company with respect to our products and servicesWe nurture creativity and encourage application of knowledge and ideas in all facets of our businessCustomer is uppermost in our mind

We work to exceed their expectations